Popcorn is a classic snack and fun treat that is perfect for movie nights, parties, and events. Definitely all time favorite snacks. If you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your next gathering, why not create a fun and FREE Printable Popcorn Sign?

To create your sign, you’ll need a few basic supplies:

  • A printer
  • Card stock or heavy paper
  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • A frame or clipboard to display the sign

Once you have your supplies ready, you can start by searching for a popcorn-themed image online. There are many free images available, or you can purchase a high-resolution image from a stock photo website.

Next, open the image in a photo editing program and resize it to fit your desired frame or clipboard. You can also add text to the image, such as “Popcorn Station,” “Popcorn Bucket,” or “Freshly Popped.”

Once you’re happy with the design, print it out on card stock or heavy paper. Cut out the image and place it in your frame or clipboard.

You can use your new popcorn sign to create a fun and inviting popcorn station at your next gathering or family movie night. Set out bowls of popcorn, a variety of toppings, and some cute popcorn boxes for guests to take home their treats. To make it even more fun and festive, you can also include a DIY popcorn bar with different flavors and toppings like butter, cheese, caramel, chocolate, etc. Decorate with film strips, mason jar decor, movie theater sign, etc. Your guests will love the fun and nostalgic touch that your popcorn sign brings to the party.

Popcorn signs are great for so many occasions. Modify and use to decorate for a baby shower, gift basket, gift for a great teacher, neighbor gift, valentine’s day, national popcorn day, or make popcorn gift tags. Options are endless.

FREE Printable Popcorn Sign

Popcorn station sign.

If you’d rather not create a popcorn bar sign yourself, you can use this free printable popcorn sign that we’ve already made for you. This sign is for personal use only. You can save the digital file to your computer and print off as many as needed. Save this post so you can come back for the digital printable file and/or save the physical prints.

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Everyone loves to represent their organization with a snack that people will love. Like many fundraisers, they require a few weeks of order taking and money collection followed by order placement. We have an exclusive mobile app to make the process simple and fast. Product is then delivered a few weeks after order. It’s easy, fun to sell, and something everyone loves. They will be coming back for more!

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*Let us know in the comments below what other free printables you’re looking for.