Effortless Fundraising Through Text, Email & Social Media Sharing

When you think of fundraising, you may think of passing out, collecting and reconciling order forms and payments. While this tried and true method works great for many, there’s also a need (and want) for fundraising to become more digital. At Scoreboard, we’re proud to offer virtual online fundraising options. Contact your supporters anywhere in the country via text, email and social media and invite them to support your group. Purchases can be received at your group’s location or shipped directly to supporter’s homes.

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Custom Online Storefront Just For You

Once your participants have joined your fundraiser group, each participant has access to a dedicated online storefront. Here, they’ll be able to share your fundraiser with their supporters to safely and efficiently purchase items directly online. Your participants can also share their storefront with their network via text, email and social media, so the possibilities are endless!

Efficient Delivery Straight To Their Door*

After purchasing items, your supporters will  have all items shipped directly to their door. Say goodbye to organizing items and scheduling drop-offs. The Scoreboard team guarantees fast and accurate shipping to their home, making it an effortless process for you.

*Frozen food fundraisers will ship directly to the group location for delivery


Ready To Get Started?

To learn more, fill out the form with your organization’s needs. We’ll be in touch to help get your text fundraiser up and running!