INDULGE in a Purposeful Treat with our Snacks Fundraiser.

Scoreboard Fundraising has helped groups and teams raise over $61 million since 2015, and snack sales have fueled a large part of that success. We offer multiple snacks and flavors.

Ground Highlander Grogg

Flavorful Snacks Exciting Your Customers

When it comes to fundraising, choosing the right products can make all the difference. And what better way to attract customers than with delicious, high-quality snacks? A snacks fundraiser that includes trail mix, gourmet coffee, and pretzels is a winning combination that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Choose one, two, or all three for your next fundraiser! Offering a variety of options, will ensure there’s something for everyone.

Why Do We Partner With Voyager Snacks? Voyager Snacks was founded by a trio of friends who are determined to hand-make delectable snacks that will energize you for every adventure that life offers. With an array of snacks, you’ll have something to suit every body and every expedition.

Everyone loves to represent their organization with a delicious product that people will love. We have an exclusive mobile app to make the fundraising process simple and fast. It’s easy, fun to sell, and something everyone will love. Try something better, try something different, try a snacks fundraiser.

Our Snack Options

Trail Mixes

Backcountry Blend
Bigfoot Blend
Day Tripper
Maui Medley

Driven Coffee

French Roast – Ground
Highlander Grogg – Ground
House Blend – Ground
Driven Hot Cocoa Mix

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Apple
Old Fashioned
Sweet, Savory, Spicy

How Much Will We Earn With Our Snack Fundraising?

50% Profit

Earn up to 50% with our programs.

Scoreboard Fundraising groups can earn a 50% profit with our snack fundraising programs. Generate $10,000 in sales, you keep $5,000! Sell $20,000, you keep $10,000! It’s that simple. And there are NO start-up fees or order minimums.

Looking for Higher Profits that start at 80%?!

Try Donation Fundraising with NO delivery, higher profits. With Donation Fundraisers it is possible to donate money directly to your cause without the return of a product or service. You cannot get much easier than this – supporters love it!

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A 100% Online Snack Fundraiser

Track Orders, Payments, and Success with Our Mobile App

Our snack fundraiser is paperless, cashless, and stress free! With us, you gain a custom virtual storefront that your supporters can share via text, email or social. It processes orders, collects payments, and tracks everything for you.

Delivers Straight to Their Door*

Say goodbye to organizing items and scheduling drop-offs. After purchasing items, your supporters will have all items shipped directly to their doors. We guarantee fast and accurate shipping to their home, making it effortless for you.

*Frozen food fundraisers will ship directly to the group location for delivery