A Popcorn Fundraiser That Is Highly Addictive

Popcorn Fundraisers are one of the more popular and effective methods of raising funds for groups, churches, schools and sports teams. Use our exclusive CrackCorn Fundraiser and you will knock everyone’s socks off.

What is CrackCorn? It’s kind of like popcorn, but WAY BETTER! It has no kernels and no hulls and so it’s EASY TO EAT! It’s Gluten Free and Made in Ohio. It’s Award Winning AND RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS!!

Everyone loves to represent their organization with a snack that people will love. Like many fundraisers, they require a few weeks of order taking and money collection followed by order placement. We have an exclusive mobile app to make the process simple and fast. Product is then delivered a few weeks after order. It’s easy, fun to sell, and something everyone loves. They will be coming back for more!

popcorn fundraiser 1

How Our CrackCorn Popcorn Fundraiser Works

Let’s Reach Your Goal Together

Scoreboard offers decades of experience to ensure your next fundraiser is a success.

We make fundraising planning and success easy by providing the technology and products you need to get your campaign up and running. 100% virtual, paperless, cashless, and stress-free! No order forms or cash to collect, runs through the app like all other programs and we ship to home nationwide – no bulk delivery to group.

Our App Is Why We Are The Best Fundraising Partner

Whether you’re raising money for a sports team, school group, dance studio, church group, or any other cause, we will help you efficiently achieve your goals in no time with no upfront costs and no minimums.

CrackCorn Popcorn Fundraising Choices

Original 2000


Chili Lime 2000

Chili Lime

Cookies  Creme 2000

Cookies & Creme

French Toast 2000

French Toast

Ice Cream Sundae 2000

Ice Cream Sundae

Monkey Puffs 2000

Monkey Puffs

Sea Salt Caramel 2000

Sea Salt Caramel

Sweet Cheddar 2000 copy

Sweet Cheddar

How Much Will We Earn With CrackCorn Popcorn Fundraising?

40% Profit

Earn up to 40% with our programs.

A Popcorn Fundraiser That Pops Huge Rewards

Looking for Higher Profits up to 80%?

Try Donation Fundraising with NO delivery, higher profits. With Donation Fundraisers it is possible to donate money directly to your cause without the return of a product or service. You cannot get much easier than this – supporters love it!

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