SCORE Big With a Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

Scoreboard Fundraising has helped groups and teams raise over $61 million since 2015, and bulk popcorn sales have fueled a large part of that success. We offer six sweet and savory popcorn flavors. Each is handcrafted in old-fashioned copper kettles using premium ingredients.

Windy City Spice Product

Flavorful Popcorn with A Satisfying Crunch

We proudly supply gourmet popcorn made by Voyager Snack Company, based in Minnesota. Their delicious, small-batch popcorn, combined with our online fundraising tools and fast order fulfillment, has been a winning combination for thousands of fundraising groups nationwide. Due to our exclusive partnership and high order volumes, you won’t get a lower bulk order rate!

Our Popcorn Flavors

Caramel Apple Popcorn

Caramel corn, Apples & Cinnamon – This simply delicious caramel corn with bits of apple and cinnamon is a nod to the comfort of a fresh baked apple pie. Let it transport you to your happy place.

Chicago Style Popcorn

Take your tastebuds on a windswept trip to Chi-Town with this classic sweet and savory blend of caramel and cheese popcorn.

Cheddar Popcorn

Rich, Cheesy Goodness – You won’t be able to resist the finger licking goodness of this rich, cheesy popcorn.

Old-Fashioned Caramel Popcorn

Handmade & Delicious – Popcorn perfectly coated with the satisfying crunch of a buttery caramel candy shell. Handmade in copper kettles the old-fashioned way.

Nutty Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Corn with Pecans, Almonds, Cashews – This crisp and buttery caramel popcorn combined with pecans, almonds, and cashews is a snack worth traveling across land and sea for.

Sweet, Savory, Spicy Popcorn

Caramel Corn and Cheese Popcorn – Take your tastebuds on a windswept trip to Chi-Town with this classic sweet and savory blend of caramel and cheese popcorn.

How Much Will We Earn With Our Popcorn Fundraiser?

50% Profit

Earn up to 50% with our programs.

Scoreboard Fundraising groups can earn a 50% profit with our popcorn fundraiser program. Generate $10,000 in sales, you keep $5,000! Sell $20,000, you keep $10,000! It’s that simple. And there are NO start-up fees or order minimums.

Looking for Higher Profits that start at 80%?!

Try Donation Fundraising with NO delivery, higher profits. With Donation Fundraisers it is possible to donate money directly to your cause without the return of a product or service. You cannot get much easier than this – supporters love it!

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A 100% Online Popcorn Fundraiser

Track Orders, Payments, and Success with Our Mobile App

Our popcorn fundraiser is paperless, cashless, and stress free! With us, you gain a custom virtual storefront that your supporters can share via text, email or social. It processes orders, collects payments, and tracks everything for you.

Delivers Straight to Their Door*

Say goodbye to organizing items and scheduling drop-offs. After purchasing items, your supporters will have all items shipped directly to their doors. We guarantee fast and accurate shipping to their home, making it effortless for you.

*Frozen food fundraisers will ship directly to the group location for delivery