A senior class lock-in party is a fun and memorable way to celebrate graduation night with your classmates. This event is separate from individual graduation parties and is an overnight lock-in. This is a senior class party for the graduating class, after the graduation ceremony, typically held on school grounds or a nearby location. The event is designed to provide a safe and fun environment for seniors to celebrate the end of their high school career with their classmates, without the need for alcohol or drugs.

Graduating seniors posing together.

Senior lock-ins typically include class activities such as games, music (maybe even a live band), movies, and food. The event is supervised by chaperones, usually senior parents or other parent volunteers and school staff, to ensure the safety of the graduating seniors. A fun idea is to give the senior party a theme and something different from what was done last year or previous year’s graduates.

Graduating seniors celebrating, confetti falling.

Here are five senior class lock-in graduation party themes that will make the night of graduation more memorable:


A decades theme is a great way to celebrate the history of the senior class. Decorate the lock-in location with posters, music, and other memorabilia from different decades, such as the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Encourage students to dress up in clothing from their favorite decade, and play games and music from different eras throughout the night graduation party.

50s themed shoes.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt lock-in party is a fun way to get everyone involved and working together. Divide the senior class into teams, and create a list of items they need to find throughout the lock-in location. You can also include clues and riddles to make the scavenger hunt more challenging. You could also include items students might need in their college life or in the work world.


A Hollywood theme is perfect for the seniors who love movies and celebrities. Decorate the lock-in location with movie posters, red carpets, and props from famous films or the latest current blockbuster movie. Encourage students to dress up as their favorite movie characters or celebrities, and have a movie trivia game or a red carpet photo booth. You can also include a fortune teller and a caricature artist for additional lock-in activities.

Hollywood sign.

Game Night

A game night lock-in party is perfect for the seniors who love board games and card games. Set up different game stations throughout the lock-in location, and provide a variety of games for students to play. You can also have a tournament with prizes for the winners.


A camping event theme is a good idea for seniors who love the outdoors. Set up tents and campfires in the lock-in location, and provide camping-themed games and activities, such as s’mores making, campfire stories, and stargazing. You can also provide camping gear and encourage students to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows.

A senior lock-in graduation party can be a fun, memorable, and safe way way to celebrate the end of high school. Organizing and pulling off a great event will take a lot of volunteers and a lot of fundraising to help cover costs. And most of the time, it takes several fundraisers. Of course, Scoreboard Fundraising is ready to help you set up a donation fundraiser or a product fundraiser. We have several great, successful options that can cover the bulk of your fundraising needs.

Here are some additional fundraising ideas that you can set up to go along with your main fundraiser:

Bake Sale

Organize a bake sale with your classmates and sell baked goods to raise funds for the lock-in. You can sell cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and other baked treats to your schoolmates, teachers, and parents. Make sure to advertise your bake sale in advance and price your items competitively.

Car Wash

Organize a car wash to raise money for your lock-in party. You can charge a fee for each car wash and promote your event through social media, flyers, and posters. Make sure to choose a high-traffic location and have all the necessary supplies, such as buckets, sponges, and soap.

Teens posing during a car wash.


Organize a Rent-A-Teen event where high school seniors offer their services to community members for a fee. Seniors can offer to do chores, yard work, or pet-sitting for local residents, and all the proceeds can go toward grad night party. Advertise your Rent-A-Teen event through flyers and social media.

T-Shirt Sales

Design and sell custom t-shirts to your classmates and their families to raise funds for the lock-in. You can use an online t-shirt maker to create your designs and sell them through social media, school events, and other channels.

Organizing and funding a senior class lock-in party can be challenging. However, by working together and using these ideas, you can make your senior class lock-in party a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone.

If you’re ready to fundraise for your event, reach out. We’re ready to help!