We are pleased to offer these short informational videos to help you in your fundraising efforts.


These videos will help you get started, help you while fundraising and help you learn more.

Scoreboard Fundraising App Demonstration

Nate guides us through the easy process of using the Scoreboard app to manage a variety of fundraising events and options.

Scoreboard Fundraising – Fundraising Challenges

Paul and Nathan, owners of Scoreboard Fundraising talk about the challenges organizations face with Fundraising, what to look out for.

Scoreboard Fundraising – How to Keep Your Team Focused

Scoreboard Fundraising owners Paul and Nathan speak to how to keep a fundraising team focused through the process for a successful fundraising result.

Scoreboard Fundraising – Optimum Timeline to Run a Successful Fundraiser

Nathan of Scoreboard Fundraising talks about the ideal and most effective timeline to run a fundraiser.

Scoreboard Fundraising – Fundraising Products

Which fundraising products tend to do the best? Are the tried and true products better than unique products and when should you introduce new products.

Scoreboard Fundraising – Donation Fundraisers – Popularity

Paul talks a bit further about the popularity of online fundraisers, why they are growing in the post-pandemic environment and other types of fundraisers that do well.

Scoreboard Fundraising Steps to Start a Fundraiser through Website

Nathan and Paul layout simple straightforward steps to get your Fundraiser up and operating through Scoreboard Fundraising

Scoreboard Fundraising – Timeline Expectations for Funds to be sent

How fast can a group expect a turnaround of their funds from Scoreboard once all money and receipts have been submitted to Scoreboard Fundraising for traditional fundraising?