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Back to school season is upon us which means it’s time to get those fundraisers started again too!!

As you gear up to guide your students and players through successful fundraising event, remember that fostering connections with supporters is a game-changing strategy. Today, we’re addressing a common challenge you might encounter—the importance of follow-ups. But worry not! We’re here to shed light on this aspect and provide you with actionable coaching tips to steer your team clear of fundraising pitfalls and achieve fundraising success.

Common Mistake: Ignoring Follow-ups

Picture this scenario: Your team launches a donation campaign, secures contributions, and celebrates the initial achievements. But what happens next? Often, teams unintentionally fall into the fundraising pitfall of ignoring follow-ups. After the initial excitement fades, supporter engagement can wane, leaving potential support untapped.

Overlooking follow-ups can inadvertently convey a message of neglect to your supporters. They might question whether their contributions truly matter or if their support was merely a passing moment. This misstep can lead to decreased supporter loyalty, resulting in fewer contributions for future endeavors.

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What to Do Instead: Coach Your Team to Stay Connected with Supporters

Here’s your playbook and some best practices to overcome this common challenge: coach your team to establish and maintain connections with supporters through regular updates. Effective supporter engagement extends beyond collecting funds; it’s an ongoing process of relationship-building. Consistently sharing impactful updates, is the best way for your team can showcase the tangible impact of supporters’ contributions, keeping them invested in the cause.

Encourage your team to share updates that highlight the progress made with the funds raised. Whether it’s unveiling a new project, celebrating milestones, or sharing heartwarming success stories, these updates allow supporters to witness the direct results of their support. This is also an opportunity and a great way for your team to express genuine gratitude and acknowledge the vital role supporters play in driving positive change.

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Avoid the Fundraising Pitfalls! Equip Your Team to Boost Supporter Engagement.

In the world of fundraising, success hinges on nurturing robust supporter relationships. By steering clear of the follow-up pitfall and fostering consistent engagement, your team can cultivate a sense of community around your cause. When supporters feel valued and connected, they’re more likely to continue supporting your endeavors and become vocal advocates for your mission.

As you lead your team through the fundraising journey, emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing common challenges. Ignoring follow-ups is a misstep that can be rectified with genuine efforts to stay connected. Remind your team that engaged supporters are more than contributors—they’re the driving force behind your accomplishments. There are plenty of ways to build trust with current and prospective donors. Sometimes it’s just as easy as sending a thank you. It goes a long way and is a great opportunity to show your gratitude for their support.

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