Fundraising is a vital part of supporting your team or group, and Scoreboard Fundraising offers two excellent options: product fundraisers and donation fundraisers. Both can be done online and shared easily through text, email, and social media via an online platform. Both have a dedicated fundraising page and donation page and will help you reach your fundraising goals without door-to-door solicitation! But which fundraiser is right for your team, which will give you the best results, and which will earn you the most for your fundraising efforts?

Product Fundraisers

Product Fundraisers: Sell and Earn

Product fundraisers, like a t-shirt fundraiser, cookie dough fundraiser, popcorn or water bottles, allow you to raise funds by selling appealing items. With each sale, your group earns, typically, 50% profit. It’s a win-win: supporters get a great product, and it’s a great way to raise money for your sports teams or groups.

Some fundraising products can be shipped directly to customers, saving time and expanding your reach beyond your local area. However, keep in mind that products tend to have a higher price in order to get funds back to your group. If you choose a product fundraiser, it’s important to consider if your audience is willing to pay more for these items.

Donation Fundraisers

Donation Fundraisers: Engage a Wider Support Base

Donation fundraisers take a different approach. With this option, 80% of the donated money goes straight to your group. There are no products involved, raffle tickets, silent auction, etc, which means you can reach a broader base of supporters. Friends, family, community members, and people outside your local area can contribute to your cause without purchasing anything specific. It’s an easy way to find new supporters and new donors and increase your donor base. People can choose to give a small donation or much higher donation amounts. With all donor information secure, supporters can feel confident in donating any dollar amount to a good cause.

Sharing donation fundraisers online is simple, making it easy to connect with potential supporters through social media and personal networks. It’s the best way to expand your reach and maximize the funds raised beyond family members. And again, each group has a personalized fundraiser website so no donation forms or money collection is necessary. All payment processing is run through the Scoreboard Fundraising app and supporters get a donation receipt emailed right to them.

Choosing the right option

Choosing the Right Option

Deciding between a product and a donation type of fundraiser depends on your specific circumstances and goals. Consider your audience’s preferences, the effort required from your team, and your financial targets.

With either option, Scoreboard Fundraising will make the process as easy as possible for you. The app simplifies the process, enhances your online reach and online donations, and provides tracking and reporting features to keep you informed. The online fundraising platform makes fundraising events effortless.

No matter which path you choose for your next fundraiser, our experienced fundraising coaches are here to support you. Start today and empower your team to achieve the next level in fundraising.

Let Scoreboard Fundraising be your donation or product fundraising partner.