The Big Game is one of the biggest events of the year, and it’s a great opportunity to fundraise. Whether you’re a school, a team, a non-profit, or just a group of people looking to raise money, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the Big Game to achieve your fundraising goals and make the most of your fundraising efforts. Need some big game fundraising ideas? 

Here are 12 creative and fun Big Game fundraising ideas:


One of the most classic big game fundraising ideas is to do a Big Game squares pool. This involves creating a grid with 100 squares, with each square representing a possible score at the end of each quarter. Participants can buy a square (or multiple squares) for a set price, and the person whose square corresponds to the score at the end of each quarter wins a prize. For example, if the score at the end of the first quarter is 14-7, the person with the square that intersects the “14” row and the “7” column wins a prize. You can set the prizes as small or as large as you’d like, and you can also do a final prize for the person whose square corresponds to the final score of the game. All money spent on the squares would be donated to your organization.


Another fun and easy Big Game fundraising ideas is to do a bingo game. You can create bingo cards with a variety of possible events that might happen during the game, such as “touchdown,” “interception,” “field goal,” “penalty,” etc. You can also include other events that might happen during the halftime show or commercials, such as “wardrobe malfunction,” “celebrity sighting,” or “memorable ad.” You can sell the bingo cards for a set price and then award prizes to the first person to get a bingo or the most marked-off squares at the end of the game. To make it even easier to plan, here’s some free printable football bingo cards you can use. 


Raffles are always a great way to fundraise, and the Big Game is a perfect opportunity to do one. You can sell raffle tickets and then have a drawing at halftime or at the end of the game to determine the winners. You can offer a variety of prizes, such as gift cards, merchandise, or even experiences, like a fancy dinner or a weekend getaway. Check with local businesses to see if you can get donated prizes and more of the money earned can go directly to your organization.


One of the best things about the Big Game is the food, and a potluck is a great way to fundraise and enjoy some tasty treats. You can ask everyone to bring a dish to share and then charge a small fee for entry. You can also have a bake sale or sell snacks and drinks separately to raise additional funds. You can also have a “best dish” contest, with prizes for the most popular or creative dishes.

Silent and/or Online Auction

A silent auction is a great way to fundraise during the Big Game and can be a lot of fun for attendees. You can ask local businesses or individuals to donate items or experiences to be auctioned off and set up a table with bid sheets and descriptions of the items. Attendees can place their bids throughout the game, and the highest bidder at the end wins the item. You can have various items, such as sports team memorabilia, gift baskets, gift cards, or even services, like car washes or home cleaning.

If you have a larger audience or a more dispersed community, you can choose to do an online auction. You can have a variety of items up for auction, such as autographed sports memorabilia, gift cards, or experiences. You can also have a “buy it now” option for those who don’t want to wait for the auction to end.

Host a Party

One of the simplest ways to fundraise during the Big Game is to host a party. You can invite people to come and watch the game at a designated location and then charge a small fee for entry. You can also sell food and drinks to raise additional funds. Some ideas for food include classic Big Game snacks like wings, pizza, and dips, as well as more upscale options like sliders and gourmet appetizers. 

As a side note, If you’re planning a party fundraiser, there are a few key things to consider when choosing a location:

  • Capacity: The first thing to consider is the capacity of the location. You want to ensure that you have enough space for all of your attendees and enough seating, tables, and amenities. You should also consider the layout of the space and make sure that it’s conducive to your event, with good sight lines for the game and enough space for games and activities.
  • Amenities: Another important factor to consider is the amenities of the location. You want to make sure that you have access to things like restrooms, electricity, and a sound system. You should also consider the availability of food and drink options and ensure a good setup for serving and selling refreshments.
  • Accessibility: You should also consider the accessibility of the location, both in terms of transportation and parking. You want to make sure that it’s easy for attendees to get to and from the event and that there is enough parking available. You should also consider any accessibility needs of your attendees and ensure that the location is wheelchair accessible and accommodating to those with disabilities.
  • Cost: Finally, you should consider the cost of the location. You want to ensure that the location is affordable, and that you’re not overspending on rent or fees. You should also consider any additional costs, such as cleaning fees or security deposits, and make sure that you have a budget in place to cover these expenses.

Some good locations for a Super Bowl party fundraiser might include:

  • A community center or school gym: These types of locations often have a large capacity and good amenities, and they can be a more affordable option.
  • A local sports bar or local restaurant: These locations often have large TVs and good sight lines for the game, as well as food and drink options.
  • A private event space: If you want a more upscale option, you can consider renting a private event space, like a banquet hall or event center. These locations often have good amenities and a more formal atmosphere, but they can be more expensive.

Celebrity Look-alike Contest

Get people in the Big Game spirit by hosting a celebrity look-alike contest. Attendees can dress up as their favorite celebrities, athletes, or characters and compete for prizes. You can charge a small fee for entry and then have a panel of judges or a vote from attendees to determine the winners.

T-Shirt Sales

Selling Big Game-themed t-shirts is a great way to fundraise, and it’s an easy way for people to show their support for their favorite sports teams or cause. You can design your t-shirts or use a t-shirt fundraising platform to create and sell custom t-shirts. You can also sell other Big Game-themed merchandise, such as hats, stickers, or buttons.

Fundraising Marathon

A fundraising marathon is a great way to bring people together and raise money during the Big Game. You can have people sign up to participate and then fundraise by getting sponsors or pledging a certain amount per mile. You can then have a group marathon event during the Big Game, where people can run, walk, or jog to support your cause. 

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to fundraise during the Big Game. You can create a list of items or challenges that participants need to find or complete and then charge a small fee for entry. You can have a variety of categories, such as sports-themed items, local landmarks, or trivia challenges. You can also have a time limit or a points system to determine the winners.

Party Favors

Selling party favors is a great way to fundraise during The Big Game, and it’s a fun way for attendees to get into the spirit of the event. You can sell noisemakers, hats, or temporary tattoos decorated with football-themed designs. By offering a variety of party favors, you can appeal to different interests and budgets and raise more money for your cause.

Foam #1 finger.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a classic and easy way to fundraise, and it’s a great opportunity to showcase the baking talents of your community. You can ask people to bake and donate their favorite treats and then sell them at your Game event. You can have a variety of baked goods, such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and bread, and you can also have a “best-baked goods” contest to award prizes to the most popular or creative treats.


Football themed deserts.

Overall, the key to a successful Big Game fundraiser is to have fun and get creative. There are countless ways to fundraise during the big game, and the more unique and engaging your event is, the more successful it is likely to be. Whether you do a classic game like squares or bingo, or something more creative like a talent show or scavenger hunt, the important thing is to have a good time and raise money for a good cause.

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No matter what big game fundraising ideas you decide to use, getting team members involved will help make it a success. To make it a fun and rewarding experience for everyone, here are a few ideas: 

  • Assign tasks: Depending on the size and scope of your fundraiser, you may have a lot of tasks to handle. Assign specific tasks to your group to help divide and conquer. Some can handle the food and drinks, while others handle decorations or games. You can also have a few handle social media promotions and outreach while others handle logistics and setup. By assigning specific tasks, you can ensure that everyone has a role to play and that the fundraiser runs smoothly.
  • Involve everyone in the planning: Involving your group in the planning process can be a great way to get them excited and invested in the fundraiser. You can ask for their input on the games, activities, and food and consider their ideas and suggestions. You can also ask for their help promoting the event and recruiting attendees. By involving everyone in the planning process, you can create a sense of ownership and ensure everyone is invested in the fundraiser’s success.
  • Make it fun: The key to getting others to pitch in is to make the fundraising event fun and rewarding for everyone. You can create a friendly competition, with prizes for the top fundraisers or the best performers. You can also have a variety of games and activities to keep everyone entertained and consider offering special incentives or rewards for those who go above and beyond. You can motivate them to pitch in and give their best effort by making it fun and rewarding.

What do you think? Will you be using any of these big game fundraising ideas this year? Which team are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments.