Fundraising is an essential part of the success of any group, school, team, or organization, including nonprofit organizations. Without fundraising events, it can be challenging to achieve the goals and objectives set for the group. However, traditional fundraising methods may not always result in the desired success. Online donation fundraising, on the other hand, has become increasingly popular and a great way to fundraise due to its convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness. Now, we love a good popcorn or cookie dough fundraiser, but there are several benefits to choosing online donation fundraisers as your next fundraising method.

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​More Successful

Product fundraisers have been the traditional method of fundraising for many years. However, they can be challenging and time-consuming to organize and often result in low profits. Additionally, there is no guarantee that people will want or need the products being sold.

Online donation fundraisers, on the other hand, are more successful because they are convenient and easy for both donors and participants. It is the best way for donors to quickly and securely donate online, while participants can promote the fundraiser to their network through social media and email. With Scoreboard Fundraising, you can also track your progress in real-time, which can motivate participants to reach their fundraising goals. Donation fundraisers with Scoreboard Fundraising also put more money back into your group than product fundraisers do.

With an online donation fundraiser, the costs are minimal, and the returns can be substantial. Donors can give easily through the platform, eliminating the need to handle cash or distribute products. Online donation fundraisers can also have a higher success rate than product fundraisers, as they tap into a wider audience and allow for larger donations.

Now having said that, our fundraising coaches can help you schedule out your fundraising for the entire year. They’ll help you plan different ways to fundraise and best practices using a combination of product and donation fundraisers if you so choose. It’s always a good idea to plan the entire year and give your supporters options so you’re making the most out of special events, the holiday season, etc.

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Easy for Donors and Participants

An online donation fundraiser is a convenient and easy way for donors to contribute to your cause. Donors can easily donate using their credit or debit card, and the process takes only a few minutes. Online donation fundraisers are also easy for participants. With Scoreboard Fundraising, participants each get their own fundraising and donation page, which they can share with their network through social media, text messages, and email. Participants can also track their progress in real-time, which can motivate them to reach their fundraising goal.

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Secure Payments

Online donation fundraisers are a safe and secure way for donors to contribute monetary donations to your organization. With the Scoreboard Fundraising platform, all donations are processed securely through our payment partner, Stripe. Stripe is a trusted and secure payment processor that ensures that all donations are processed safely and securely. Additionally, Scoreboard Fundraising does not store any credit card information on our servers, which adds an extra layer of security to the donation process. Plus, your supporters might appreciate being able to count their donation as a tax deduction.

Reach More and New Donors

Online donation fundraisers allow you to reach more potential donors than traditional fundraising methods. With Scoreboard Fundraising, you can easily promote your fundraiser on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This means that you can reach people beyond your friends, family members, and immediate network, which can help you reach your fundraising goals faster. People love to support a worthy cause through fundraiser events. There’s no better place to give charitable contributions than to a good cause. You may even find new major donors for your organization.

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So Why Choose Scoreboard Fundraising for Your Donation Fundraiser?

Scoreboard Fundraising Has Experienced Coaches

Scoreboard Fundraising has experienced coaches who can provide guidance and support throughout the fundraising campaign. Coaches can provide tips on how to create a successful campaign, how to engage donors, and how to promote the campaign on social media. They’ll help your team or group be prepared with the first step: entering the phone number and email address of at least 20 contacts into the Scoreboard app. Then having an amazing kickoff with a “phone blitz.” A little friendly competition in peer fundraising can sometimes be the best thing for your fundraiser. Coaches also provide ongoing support throughout the campaign, answering questions and providing feedback. They’ll be able to help you find the most effective ways to reach your fundraising goals.


Here are a few statistics of real organizations using Scoreboard Fundraising for their donation fundraisers:

Holmen Show Choir earned $100 per minute for the first hour of their donation “phone blitz.” They finished their fundraiser with over $22,000.

A few other impressive and successful fundraisers:

Sunnyside Wrestling – $31,000

Thomas County Central Football – $77,000

We also have some unique clubs with amazing and successful fundraisers:

Mica Mountain Culinary – $44,000

Sandy Creek Cheer – $40,000

Mica Mountain Welding Club – $38,000

Minot Men’s Hockey – $33,000

The average product fundraiser raises $10,500 and the group typically earns only 50% of those sales.

Our donation fundraisers average $11,500 and the group typically earns 80% of all money raised.

So want to make an impact? Run a donation fundraiser with Scoreboard Fundraising! Reach out and we’ll connect you with one of our fundraising reps.